Photoshop Tutorials write bangla in Photoshop

Now I will show you how to write Bangla in Photoshop in this Photoshop tutorial. You can follow the below steps or see the youtube video at bottom.

At first Download Avro keyboard then install. Now open your Adobe Photoshop and take a new file


Keep your mouse pointer on orange icon then click on mouse right button then choose options like above.
 Now you see like this. click on global output then click on output as an ANSI. Then open a new window like step-4.
Now Choose  use ANSI anyway
 Now click on apply then click on Ok.
 Now click on text tool then choose a Bangla font ( I took sutonnyMJ bangla font) then take a text color then click on Avro and select Bangla.
Final step
Now write Bangla in Photoshop. You can see this video for more clearly know

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